Unique DIY Projects

Third Annual DIY Portable Air Conditioner

When we were asked about a possible portable air conditioner to go along with our camper design, we accepted the challenge and built one. This DIY portable air conditioner is the 3rd in a series. Each design has since been built and used by others with exceptional feedback.

How To Hide Your Cats Litter Box!

Let's admit it, litter boxes are not cute or pretty, but you can create a way to hide it that is not only functional but gorgeous! You will get compliments on the piece and impress your friends and family with the hidden litter box that they will not even know is there unless you tell them!

How to make a color changing cloud light!

This light is so awesome! It looks like a cloud floating in your…

DIY Glowing Wire Tree

This wire tree is beautiful as it is with the led glow lights…

How to transfer an image to rock

I love rocks.  I don't know why.  I just do.  I love to find…