The Haunted Stanley Hotel – A Must Stop Destination in the Colorado Rocky Mountains

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado is not only a landmark for this beautiful area, but is it also famous for it’s hauntings.

It is the hotel that Stephen King stayed in, room 217 to be exact, and gained the inspiration to write his novel The Shining after a horrific night of nightmares and hauntings. When the novel was then made into a movie it was filmed in The Stanley Hotel.

Recently my family and I did a night time haunted tour of the beautiful Stanley Hotel. We live only 30 minutes away yet had never taken a tour. I highly recommend this tour. I love history so the tour was wonderful for me as we walked passages that aren’t typically walked by hotel guests. Listening to the details of the history was interesting even to those of us who don’t care too much for the historical facts. At the same time, you learn of the different hauntings and are given a chance to experience some yourself.

Now, I am not one who looks for haunted places or even wants to experience anything of the such. I went along more for the family time and history of the place. But the haunting history was also fascinating. You are encouraged to take lots of photos, even of the same exact space, because you never know when something may appear in one of your shots. This is what I did and we believe that I definitely caught an appearance in a mirror that is known for having all sorts of images of the spiritual world show up. Look closely at the photo. There is a man’s legs in the mirror, which was a real man standing near me, but beside his leg is a face. Can you see it? It is NOT a human face. There were no lights behind us, only a dark wall, and not light on in the room adjacent to us. Nothing there that could have reflected. I was not a believer until I was in the space and saw the image in the mirror afterwards. 

If you love history and if you love paranormal activity, I strongly recommend The Stanley Hotel set in the beautiful Estes Park valley of the Rocky Mountains.  And while you are there, explore Rocky Mountain National Park. It has so much to offer!