Our Adventures

The Stanley Hotel – Haunted and Fabulous In Estes Park, Colorado

Yes! You can sleep there! The Stanley Hotel, built in 1909, is known for its grandeur as well as its numerous hauntings. It is the hotel that inspired Stephen King to write his novel, The Shining, which was turned into a movie and filmed inside the hotel. Visit for the history, the beautiful décor and architecture, and for the hauntings! You won't be disappointed!

The Wonder of Epcot

Want to travel to another country but don't have the time or money for such an extensive trip? Just go to EPCOT! You have 11 countries to choose from that are represented in an EPIC way. Take an entire day and enjoy a trip around the world with authentic food, wares and architecture. You will LOVE it!

How To Convert A Cargo Trailer Into A To-Die-For Camper In 4 Weeks

Creating your own camper for your road trips and adventures, instead of continuing to tent camp or purchasing a pre-fab RV, will change your life for the better in SO MANY WAYS! Trust us and just go for it!!

Let the adventure begin!!

We are on our way! Eighteen days of travel. Seeing new places. …

A Wyoming Night

The roads we were traveling were not lit by streetlights. There…

Hidden Messages

Hidden messages are in our walls! I am a positive minded person. …


The progress has been fast and furious on days 4 and 5 with the…

Day 3 — Exhausted Arms!

Day 3 was a busy day with lots of hands involved. Thank God for…

Day 2 — Getting Started

It begins! Jason got started bright and early taking down…

Day 1 — Supplies are needed!

Whoa! We just spent 3 ½ hours in Home Depot! That was exhausting! We…

We finally did it!

We finally did it. After months of talking, looking at RVs, drawing…

A Cowboy, A Chance Encounter and A Moment in Time that I Will Never Forget

I met a Cowboy. A real life authentic Cowboy. One that…