How To Hide Your Cats Litter Box Just Like A Top Designer

Let’s admit it, litter boxes are NOT cute and finding a place to tuck them away is often difficult.

So, to add practicality and function to housing a litter box I came up with a brilliant idea that I want to share with you. 

You can EASILY do this too and it cost me less than $30.00 start to finish!

FIRST, head to your favorite thrift store.

I found a beat up, yet sturdy, hutch at mine. The hutch stands close to 5 feet tall and is 3.5 feet wide, has the mark from a fine furniture dealer on the backside and is solid wood. Such potential!! I paid the $15 asking price and took it home where it took no time to strip out the inside, remove the doors and hardware, repaint, add some extra touches and have a new piece of functional furniture! 

Here is how you can do this too!

Once you have found a piece of furniture that will work for your space choose a gorgeous paint color that will add a pop of color to any room. Once you have sanded and repainted your piece add a high gloss finish to protect that new paint job. 

Cut a hidden entrance into the cabinet as well as make a new shelve for the interior if your chosen piece of furniture allows for this. The bottom shelf is of course for the litter box while the added shelf creates a place to house everything needed for keeping the litter box nice and clean.

Guests never smell the litter box that is hidden within which is a win in my opinion but also, I get so many compliments on this hutch!

There are so many options for you to find the perfect piece of furniture that will fit your space and needs and then turn it into a great little space for your fur baby’s litter box while it also serves a function for you! Start shopping flea markets, yard sales and thrift stores. You can find the best stuff that only takes a little imagination and elbow grease to turn it into something fabulous for yourself…and in this case, your fur baby!

Items you can purchase on Amazon to help with your hidden litter box design:

Cat Litter Mat –   This is so important to  me because it wipes any little pieces of litter off of their paws, as they walk, and keeps them trapped in the mat so they do not travel on little paws outside of the enclosed area.  I hate stepping on litter that has made it’s way to my carpet.

High Sided Litter Box (for adult cat…especially messy kitties who dig in the litter) –

Low Sided Litter Box (for kittens) –

Poopy Scooper –

Clumping Litter –  I highly recommend clumping cat litter. It will make your life so much easier!!

Odor Eliminator –

Small Garbage Can –

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